Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Store Brand

The term 'store brand' carries with it certain negative connotations. For many, it brings to mind a cheap, inferior product. And while at times this perception may be true (Walmart's Great Value brand comes to mind, for one) this is not always the case. Some excellent products just happen to be store brands.
For instance, Stop and Shop,* carries three phenomenal store brands:

                   Just a few of Stop and Shop's many fine products

Nature's Promise

Nature's Promise is a great choice for anyone interested in healthy, all-natural food. This organic line boasts over 500 products! While I have not sampled all of Nature's Promise's offerings, I am thoroughly impressed with those I have tried. The quality of all their products is just excellent. Some of their products I purchase regularly include: Nature's Promise half and half, milk, pre-packaged lettuce mix, tuna, apple sauce, and ice cream. When I ate meat more frequently, I also often bought Nature's Promise chicken, hamburger meat, and sausages.

Simply Enjoy

Another wonderful Stop and Shop brand. One of the Simply Enjoy items I often buy is the tomato sauce;  I'll usually get the fra diavlo or the vodka (both very flavorful). Every once in a while, I'll go for the classic marinara.
I love to pair these with Stop and Shop brand ravioli for a quick, tasty meal:


Stop and Shop Brand

Last but not least, there's the simple, no frills Stop and Shop Brand. This line also carries some great products. One standout, for me, is the pasta. Stop and Shop brand is actually my favorite pasta to buy at the supermarket; it has this fantastic rich, almost 'eggy' flavor. Just cook al dente and serve with some pesto or butter, salt, and pepper. Owm!


How about you? Do you generally go for store brand or name brand items? Have any store brand products you'd recommend?

* Has over 325 store locations in New England, New York, and New Jersey. See Stop and Shop's Store Locator.


  1. my theory on store brands is that stop and shop can't possibly own factories to make the 1000+ items they offer with their branding. So they must have contracts with the brand name factories to make their stuff, which is why some is good and some isn't, just like some brand names are good and some are yuck.

  2. I also suspect that some companies might market name brand products as store brands. I'd be curious to know how often this occurs...

  3. i love nature's promise romaine hearts tossed with good quality extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar -- to quote abbey: "OWM!" np is a GAZILLION times better than pacific brand, which, by the way, has raggedy, blanched, stunted leaves -- if pb romaine were a supermodel, it'd be kate moss after a heroin binge . . . remember: np is the best, pb you'll detest!