Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cookie Splash Photo Shoot

Inspired by LyddieGal's photo, I decided to try a few cookie splash shots of my own. While challenging (timing the splash was not easy!) the shoot proved to be a lot of fun. And, as an added bonus, I got to eat quite a few coffee-flavored cookies.

It was nice out today, so I decided to take my shoot outside. The lighting was preferable to that of my gloomy kitchen; besides, this way I wouldn't have to clean up any spills.

For my first few photos, I used black coffee. Honey and maple syrup stroopwafels (broken in quarters) were to be the agents of the great splash.
Unfortunately, I found that the black coffee shots didn't come out too well. The mug always managed to give off a glare of sorts; also, none of the splashes were quite dramatic enough.

This is the best black coffee shot I captured:

Black coffee, in Bodum Mug

While not the best cookie splash shot, there are elements I enjoy here. I like how the coffee reminds me of a crashing tidal wave. And I like how the droplets spill out onto the handle and into the foreground of the picture.

After my first few shots, I poured myself a new cup of java, this time with half-n-half. I also used a different cookie: shortbread rounds (kindly donated by my father). At first, I was concerned that the shortbread wouldn't hold up in the hot coffee. What if it disintegrated, and was rendered inedible? I didn't want to waste quality shortbread. However, my fears were assuaged after the first cookie splash. The shortbread didn't fall apart; in fact, it was quite tasty with the coffee.

Here are a few of my favorites from the coffee and cream shots:

                                                          The Classic

                                                    The Sideways Splash

                                                          The Mini Splash

                                             Little droplets, flying everywhere...

                                                      Niagara Falls

                                                            Coffee Man

My dad says he sees a superhero emerging from the mug. His name is Coffee Man. Do you see him?

All in all, the cookie splash was an interesting and entertaining photographic subject. I'd love to try it again, and improve my shots next time. I'd like to thank LyddieGal for the idea of the cookie splash, and my dad, for his NBA-like cookie throwing skills.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!


  1. hahah, i love coffee man!
    we should get our bodums together and have a dual cookie splash!

  2. coffeeman action figures on sale at toys r us-- be the first on your block to own one, kids!! i see a rabbit in the niagara pic . . .

  3. sideways splash looks like gumby sunbathing. hey, does anyone see jesus? these photos could be the new lourdes (beware of infidels who scream PHOTOSHOP!)